Does my money have to support things I don’t believe in?

Great question!

As a financial advisor, please allow me to share two answers to this question.

First, there are opportunities to invest according to your convictions.  We will get back to this in a moment. Second, it may be more important to invest for the best benefit so you can support the causes you prefer.  A financial professional can make sure you have the right balance of these two options.

Back to the first point – Value Reflected Investing

Your options are many:

  • Invest in companies you believe in
  • Stay away from companies you don’t believe in
  • Socially Responsibly Funds
  • “Green” Funds
  • Funds that reflect FAITH & VALUES

For Example:

          There are portfolios available for investors who wish to align their investments with their faith and values.  Some might prefer funds that promote environmentally sustainable activities. Others might lean towards a fund that reflects biblically responsible investing.

You have choices.

What you must remember:

          Your financial advisor should make sure you investments and insurance purchases are supporting the causes you believe in and stand up for.  There are many ways to make this happen and you are unique.

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