Succession Planning

Can I pick the successor to my business?

Yes, and YOU SHOULD.

Who knows your business better than you?

Succession planning is preparing for THE FUTURE ABSENCE OF KEY EMPLOYEE(S).

YOU may be that key employee.

Your PARTNER may be that key employee.

Is there a MANAGER you can’t live without?

SUCCESSION PLANNING should be implemented for private companies, partnerships and closely held corporations and large corporations.  In some cases, Buy-Sell Agreements (Click Here) can be used to guide the transfer of ownership.

REMEMBER, succession planning effects every employee and shareholder of the business.

WHAT IS THE VALUE of the business? In succession planning, know how much the business is worth is important both now and when the business changes hands.

A business often grows into a complicated legal entity with moving parts resembling a living organism.

You should be prepared to know which parts your business cannot function without.  A missing key part (person) can damage the value of your business beyond repair. 

How can we help you prepare?

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