Are you one of those pushy life insurance salesmen?

Rest assured, I am not.

I help people buy life insurance, when they are ready.

Life insurance is a little more complicated than it used to be, there are many varieties. Actually, I can show you types of life insurance one might call “sexy.”  Yes, I just called life insurance sexy.  Now that I think about it, your spouse might think it is sexy, too.

Before I go too far off the deep end, here are 5 good reasons to buy life insurance (when you are ready):

5) Provide funds for college education

4) Keep a business you started going

3) Build cash value in a tax-advantaged way

2) Transfer wealth to family

1) Replace your income, paying the bills when you can’t

See, I told you your spouse would find it sexy.  Seriously, one should consider income replacement options if something happens to you.  Your spouse will at least appreciate it.

When you are ready, we can discuss life insurance.  It is my job as a financial planner to bring it up.  It goes back to keeping the money around that you worked so hard to make.