Home and Auto Insurance – I thought you were a financial guy?

Yes, you are correct. I am a financial professional, a Registered Financial Consultant.

You must protect the money you make.

Terry Bollea’s teenage son was driving a sports car that wrecked.  His son’s friend did not fare so well.  The Bollea family was destroyed financially.  It is possible that there could have been additional financial vehicles, insurance or entities in place that could have preserved wealth. 

Do you have all safe guards you need in place?

Financial pressures may have led to the divorce of Terry and his wife.  The family used to have multiple homes. Terry came out of retirement – literally risking his life to do so to support his family again.

Terry is better known as Hulk Hogan.

There is not an insurance policy against divorce.  You should, however, have the proper safeguards in place. Who better to know what needs to be protected than the team who is here to help you build it?

Tim, do I have all the safeguards I need?

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