Do I have any other choices or am I stuck with my money on “Wall Street?”

Maybe you have been watching too many movies named “Wall Street.”

If you ask Hollywood, “Wall Street” is a place full of shysters and mad men. 

To put you at ease, investments centers exist other places, too: Philadelphia, Chicago and Charlotte to name a few. Charlotte’s is on Tryon Street (I used to work there). Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, does it?

Ok, back to the real question.

YES, you do have choices.

Want to transfer wealth to the next generations? There are products for that.

Looking for something not tied to what you hear in the news every day? Check out something called non-correlated investments. Now, this is a broad descriptor – but – there are things you can invest in that don’t directly correlate with the market swings you hear so much about on the news.

For instance, there may be products that invest in things that don’t directly follow the daily ups and downs of the “market.”

Other investment vehicles specialize in different types of real estate. Some are very specific types of real estate such as apartment complexes, distribution or data centers. Some vehicles invest in health care facilities. The theory is that these sectors could not be as directly correlated to the “market.” 

You have alternatives. In fact, some might be called alternative investments or non-correlated investments. Some might not be termed investments at all.

This is complicated.

Quite honestly, it can be hard to keep up with.

Honesty, that can be refreshing.

You have choices. Get with your advisor and ask them to get busy on your behalf. Ask them to find some new choices for you that don’t remind you of Gordon Gekko.

Hey, Tim – I’d rather have something that looks like my street than Wall Street!

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